Privacy Policy

We think, that the privacy of the visitors of our website and of our clients is very important. We know, that in doing genealogical research and counseling, we work with personal data. We only use personal data for the goal for which they are collected. We will not publish or share these data.

We use your email address only for the goal for which you gave it to us. You will not receive newsletters of other mailings from us. If you leave your email address in a contact form, your email address will only be used to answer your question. Your emails will not be forwarded to others. If someone else is better equipped to answer your question, we will give you their contact information, so you can ask them yourself.

Your personal data will no longer be stored then necessary to answer your question. If we made a proposal to you, we keep your data for one year or until we received your message that you didn’t want to make use of our services.

If you leave a comment on a post, your email address will only be shown to us. We use your email address to contact you personally regarding your comment. If you want to remove an earlier reaction, please contact us.

Our website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics puts cookies on your computer to trace where you live. We have a processors agreement with Google. To protect your privacy we masked the last eight digits of your IP-address, denied Google the sharing of your data, and we don’t use any other Google services in connection with the Google Analytics cookies.

We only research data of persons who are dead or who have been born more then 100 years ago. Reaction in which data are given of living people or people who were born less then 100 years ago, will be removed.

If you use our services, we make a file of your data. We keep this file for 15 years in an encrypted format, in order that we can answer any questions that might come up in the future. On your request, your file can be destroyed on an earlier date.

We keep your name, address, and post address to send invoices and reports to you. Invoices are part of our financial administration. We are obliged by law to keep them for 7 years.